Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sometimes you make the bad cut

Come autumn it's time to clean up the garden a little.

It's a good time and it extends all the way through until mid winter. At the end of this time the garden is very very tidy ready for the new growth of spring.

This tidying up involves quite a fair amount of pruning.

Often I am pruning trees that still have fruit on them such as this mandarin. You can see that I had to cut out diseased and infested growth. The Citrus leafminer and black aphids have gone crazy in the late summer growing season and the best thing to do is just take them off.

And here is my metaphor.

Often, in life when I prune sometimes I take things out that I wish I had kept. So as you can see in tidying up my Mandarin for next season I have made a bad cut and sacrificed one of the fruit that was sitting on the tree.

I wish I hadn't done that. Such is life. But sometimes when I make a mistake you I need to plough on. Spilt milk. Sometimes I lose friends in the same way as I lost that mandarin. That's always a sad thing for me. Sometimes it's only a close call - let off with a warning.

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