Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The American Way

I love this country. When you are here and you have money you can have anything you want. It is the country where you can customise absolutely everything down to your perfect requirement. There are downsides to that, especially if you have trouble making choices that are in your long-term best interest.

I say that from my very limited experience of America and from the challenge I have when it comes to managing my weight. It seems that this fantastic country can give me the types of food that I find absolutely delicious. There are fried cheese Cheddar sticks and big bags of beef jerky. A rack of pork ribs in the supermarket is $14 for a 2 kilo slab of great ribs.

I am not very good at making choices that are in my best interests long-term. I'm pretty sure that if I lived in America then I would be 150kg. On this trip perhaps I can exercise some control. I can reject the idea but every meal needs to be and major event or that every single time I consume something that it needs to be the biggest and most luxurious tastefest ever.

As I take the back roads from my cheap hotel I feel pretty comfortable here, and I love this country. I just need to find a way to avoid that weight trap. That would be an achievement.

UPDATE: Achievement FAIL. On the night I wrote this, I left my bedside table looking like this. No - I didn't have friends over. I am my own worst enemy.